14pcs Laminated Emotional Expression English Flashcards


 14 pieces of children’s English learning card children’s cartoon emotion flash card baby early education memory game toys.

Fun learning resources to teach children English words


Material: Paper (Laminated)

Colour: as shown

Dimensions: 8×11 cm

The packaging includes:

14 x emotion cards

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14pcs Montessori Emotional Expression English Words Flashcards Children Early Educational Memory Game English Learning Cards Toy

How to play cards?

Blink, see if you remember?

Pick a group of theme cards first, and then use a card to flash in front of the child-, and ask the child to say the word immediately, plus one point! If you learn faster than anyone else!

Touch it and take it away if you recognize it correctly!

Put a card in your pocket or box and let your children take a card in turn. If you are right, you can take the card away, and if you get it wrong, you need to put it back.

Finally, let s see how many cards are accumulated in the child s hand? You can set a goal, for example, if you accumulate 20 cards, even if you win, do nt forget to reward your child!

Look for it and see who finds new words first!

Scatter the cards you want to learn, with the blank side facing up, and then say a word at random, let the children turn in the card pile-one by one, you can set a time, you can take the card when you find the word ! Accumulate a certain number of word cards, you can get small prizes!

Take a note, which word was this position just now?

Put a few cards on the table and give the child ten seconds to remember these words. When the time is up, they will go over the blank page. Children must rely on memory

Say the words on the cards, and if you say them all, you will get a reward! This gameplay also tests the memory and concentration of the child.

The above is the gameplay collected by the seller, and I will share it with you! More gameplays are waiting for you to discover! Parent-child games can always create more surprises! May our children gain more happiness and knowledge on the road to growth!


The packaging includes:

14 x emotion cards

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