Kids Wooden Memory Match Stick Chess Game



Put all the pieces randomly on the board and then roll the dice to throw show which colour to take out.

You should take out a piece of the same colour from the board.

If you are able to get the same colour, this piece becomes yours and you can roll the dice again to continue the game.

If  the contrary happens, the pieces will be put back and the next player plays. End the game when the pieces on the board are empty.

Count the pieces in each player’s hand. Win if you have the most pieces.

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Product Name: Memory Chess Toys

Material: Eco-friendly wood· Product size: about 18cm

Weight: about 500g

Conditions: New quality, safe and non-toxic

Suit for: over 3 years old

Products include:

Chess board X1

6-color chess pieces X24

Dice X1

Product features Safe and environmentally friendly wood Children’s hand brain training

Preschool colour learning

Montessori Education Memory training Party game

Additional information

Weight500 g


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