Light Up Flashing LED slap band Bracelets


Non Disposable Reuse Over And Over Again
– Light Up Slap Bracelets Are Great For Parties Night Events Night Runs Ect
– Fits Both Children And Adults
– Place Them Anywhere, On Your Wrists, Arms, Ankles, Its Up To You
– Be Safe At Night With Our Amazing Light Up Slap band bracelet.
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Take a normal slap band bracelet to a whole new level!! A bright LED light shines down through a transparent flat piece of plastic fusing the light. This entire light coils around your wrist becoming the highest quality LED bracelet we’ve ever seen! An Important thing to know is that these are not just bracelets, but can be used just as easily for anklets, armbands. These are also perfect for performers as they do not fall off easy and are very durable. Many of our customers use these with our light up sports products. Example, when using one of our LED Basketballs, you can have slap bracelets on your wrist, ankles, and arms. You can attach these lights to all kinds of objects and props that need a light weight, portable lighting solution. The most popular use we believe for this product is used for safety lighting and easily being seen especially while walking around roads.

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