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Four different Chewing T Tube chewy chewelry Sensory biting aid for children and people with sensory needs. See below for more information about choosing the right T tube chewy.

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The Yellow Chewing Tube offers a smaller stem size for chewing
and can also be used with an individual who cannot
open the jaw very wide.
The Yellow Chewing Tube features a narrow stem
9.5mm OD.
The Red Chewing Tube offers a slightly
wider stem 12.7 mm OD.
This tube can also be used by children who are
receptive to oral tactile stimulation or with
adults who have a larger jaw.The Green Chewing Tube has been designed to increase
sensory input by means of the raised dots on the shaft.
The shaft diameter is 15mm OD.
The Blue Chewing Tube is intended for adolescent or adult size jaw.
It is the largest and firmest of the Tubes.
Adults with developmental disabilities and adolescent with autism
or sensory integration disorders may wish to use this larger size.Note : Chewing Tubes are not recommended for use with children
under 7 months of age.Children with autism require professional supervision when using
Chewing Tubes.

Weight50 g

Blue, Green, Red, Yellow

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  1. George

    Very good quality and great price.

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